20th Dec 1864

My dear Mother

I trust this finds you as it leaves me in the enjoyment of good health. I was at the Post Office yesterday morning when the English Mail came, but no letters for J.J. however I expect one next mail.

I suppose it is getting cold in Auld Reekie (Editor’s note: Edinburgh) now. We have it pretty sharp in the morning and evening but pleasant during the day.

There is nothing new stirring here. We have had the Bishop of Calcutta here, which caused a little stir; there were a number confirmed of the European community and 32 native Christians.

I am very busy in my press just now. We are getting a great deal of work from the Punjab Govt. I’ve been wondering if Mr Boyd has seen a publication that we issue every quarter; a number of copies have been sent to England to subscribers, it is called “Professional Papers on Indian Engineering”. If you think he may have seen it, ask him what he thinks of the ‘get up’-there is not a better printed book done in India-so that is blowing my own trumpet.

Letty is all right, only she’s grumbling away and making great preparations for some event that is going to happen about February, I believe. I suppose it’s a comet or an eclipse or ‘something’.

Little Jamie is growing a fine boy. I am thinking of sending him to Simla, to Bishops College.

And now my dear mother, a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you when it comes – they don’t take any notice of New Years day here at all.

Letty joins me with fond love; with kind remembrances to all enquiring friends, hoping to hear from you soon

Your affectionate Son

Jas Johnston