18th June 1861

June 18th 1861

My dear Mother,

Tomorrow is the last safe date for the English Mail. James has just returned from the College and is busy with his books-so I have the pleasure of writing a few lines to you this time, instead of your dear Son, trusting you (are) enjoying good health, as I am happy to say, we are all well.

I am wondering if you are down by the beautiful seaside. I do not forget the lovely breezes, we have had very warm weather here for some time….but not nearly so warm as Meerut but we are so refreshed this past day or two we have had some beautiful rain and we expect about the end of this month the rains will let in for about two months and then this Climate here is beautiful-we shall be very thankful for the heat is very trying-

I hope dear Mother, you have heard again from us long time before this, as three letters have been posted to you since you got our likenesses. Family are all well and the little babe thriving.

Give us all the news when you write about our little Niece and Nephews, and all relations. James will endeavour to write next Mail, he is at present up to his Eyes in buisiness(sic).

Little Jemmie (sic) is sleeping or else he would want to be writing to his Grandma. He is a great boy for pen and ink and full of buisiness (sic), just like his father up to all things. We are trying to make him speak English, he knows everything we say but he speaks all Hindostanee (sic) and questions every native that comes near the place, and he will give any message and he will just let them see he wishes them to understand him-he very often puzzles us in the language.

At this time dear Jame’s (sic) has early hours in the College and little Jemmie (sic) generally takes himself over before breakfast and brings his papa home as he calls him. All the children just like the native in their tongue.

Now dear Mother I have no news to tell you this time, but hope to hear from you soon and to hear that all’s well.
Dear James and little Jemmie (sic) join me in fond love and kisses to you and believe me

My dear Mother

Your Ever Affectionate Daughter

Rebecca Johnston

Thomason College, Roorkee